The Collared Shirt

Hello hello!

As many of you have probably deduced from my aggressively active Instagram – I am currently in New York! Exciting!IMG_3762

Exciting but also hella busy and exhausting because I am running around seeing as much art as possible (modern art collections here are amazing and I studied modern/contemporary art last term at uni). I wanted to talk all about what I’ve seen so far but frankly my brain is a bit frazzled and also I don’t have enough time to do any of these amazing artists justice… BUT RLLY QUICKLY – Adrian Piper!!! Look her up!!! I went to her retrospective at MoMA yesterday and it blew my mind – in every way possible (I found her work super hard to grasp at first but once I got what she was doing it was incredibly powerful. She was a conceptualist so abstract/confusing ideas are a part of the whole package). But anyway…


From Piper’s Mythic Being series: It Doesn’t Matter, 1975

I was packing for my trip late at night (because I’m disorganised and I always end up packing for a holiday at midnight the night before I fly) and I realised I had packed a gazillion collared shirts of all different colours…

And anyway it got me thinking that the collared shirt is massively underrated by young women. Maybe it’s because we associate it with work or with men in suits, or maybe your mum wears them and you’re doing everything within your power not to dress like your mum(?) but I think they look gloriously sophisticated/sexy/glamorous with very little effort. Here are some ideas of how to style your collared shirt!!

Look #1

Redesigned vintage checked shirt, vintage suit, platform brogues (featured in Back to School Blues). The colours in the check make the suit look more casual plus I love the fact that it’s cropped. Looks great with denim shorts in summer! Look out for these in vintage/charity shops and cut them down yourself.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Look #2

A classic white oversized shirt, teamed with a sandro green velvet skirt and green platform heels. French Connection have a rlly nice one atm – have a look here. Gold tube hoops and a bare neck keep this look really simple and clean-looking.

Look #3

Thin lilac shirt, tied at the waist, teamed with a denim skirt, silver/pink Rose Rankin high tops, and pink tortoise-shell sunnies. I nabbed my shirt from my mum, but any shirt tied looks great with this casual look. The trainers were a bargain in the summer sales a couple of years ago but Rose Rankin’s trainers continue to be fab so have a look at her website in the link above ^.

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Until next time,

Annie xox

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Bryant Park in the morning ❤

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