Today is a work day. In the literal sense (I have spent a lot of it in the library). Which means we need WORK WEAR to make ourselves feel good about work days. Welcome to my latest obsession: the boiler suit.

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Of Vogue’s top four tips for staying on trend this Spring, investing in a jumpsuit was number one. They’re a minimal effort, maximum output, fashion statement – and most of all they’re comfortable. So isn’t it fab they’re trending!

But a boiler suit takes this fashion statement to the next level. And as a recent investment  I’ve been experimenting with the look myself. See the above pics of Lily-Rose Depp and Bella Hadid giving the practical boiler suit a makeover.


Boiler suits as fashionable jumpsuits first popped up in SS15 (see catwalks above), and this spring it’s back for more. And whilst there is technically nothing sexy about a boiler suit (unless you’re Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting – definitely sexy),Image 26-01-2018 at 11.10 the loose-fitting workman’s garment meant for manual labour can actually look cool – I promise. Whilst electricians, plumbers and men working at airport ground control may be the first images to come to mind – the all-in-one can be reinvented into an instant outfit statement.


So mine is pink. Hehe. I love it.

It’s from M.C. Overalls, which I picked up from a boutique where I live at home, but they’ve just set up a store on Carnaby Street which you should definitely pop into if you’re in the area. You can find mine on their website (see pic below).


There are several ways of wearing this number; tied at the waist, topped with a blazer, unzipped with a statement necklace or lots of chains. But it was (and is!) fookin freezing in Cambridge, so I was wearing several layers underneath mine, and zipped it up to the top as you can see in the pics. Sorry for the lack of experimentation – I was cold.


Pairing mine with hiker boots (Doc Martens would work equally well) was a given, but trainers (or even HEELS – wow) would work too. In terms of other accessories, I had a play around with different hats and this huge wooly scarf which furthered the grungy aesthetic (which is kind of lessened by the pinkness of the boiler suit lol).


Black hat: H&M, scarf: Emu (not available online), boots: – New Italia Shoes.

IMG_7579Grey hat: also H&M (sold out but similar online here).

Here are some ideas of where to find your very own boiler suit (from left to right):

This denim number from LaRedoute. A pink floral from asosH&M have a lovely, perhaps more summery khaki number. For a slightly more feminine vibe this more fitted beige number from Claudie Pierlot (on sale! But still p spenny) is rather lovely.


I hope you enjoy looking like a man who has just fixed a drain! I find it quite empowering…

Until next time,

Annie xox


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